Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dental costs Followup

For a second opinion, I need to probably pay out of pocket for a second exam. But I called and scheduled an appointment for next Friday at a second dentist reccomended by a friend. When asked over the phone I was informed that a crown will only cost $900 instead of $1350.

That makes me already lean to cancelling my current dental appointment and switching dentists. So what happens with my dental insurance is they have a cap of $1500/year coverage. Unfortunately I'll easily hit that with all the reccomended dental work. So now I have to decide if the work is necessary or if it can wait till say January.

Also I need to determine whether this dentist is trying to sell me unnecessary work or necessary work. I admit to having poor teeth, but 3 crowns and 2 fillings sound like a lot of work. One of the crowns is a replacement, but I hadn't any problems until now. In fact the crown is still in place and doesn't hurt which makes me not want to replace it.

I guess I'll find out next week whether I'm $1-3k out of pocket. Tomorrow I write about my vision problems.


MS said...

I would share your financial concerns with whichever dentist you use. Mine doesn't make a point of scheduling around insurance, but he is flexible on problems that can wait for the next exam.

Living Almost Large said...

I'm going for a second opinion, I'm nervous about losing so many of my teeth to crowns. Cost or not, it's just terrifying.