Thursday, May 03, 2007

5 cent nickel site review

Okay so a website called 5 cent nickel, just had his second year anniversary. He is giving away prizes for reviewing his website announced in this post. He's running a contest to give away prizes so here I am trying to win the prize, but also I am enjoying writing a review. Why? Because Nickel's site was one of the first blog's I ever read and inspired me to start my own blog. Which is not as popular nor as well read as his blog, but I decided to start blogging anyway.

So what can I say about his blog? It's a great site, very informational. He posts really great articles, and had actually written posts regarding my questions to him through email. So I have to say I've enjoyed the interaction. 5 cent nickel is also a blog I try to read daily. Often times his posts let me to think about my own life. But perhaps one of my favorite aspects about his financial blog is that it lead me to his personal life blog, raising4boys.

This is one of my all-time favorite blogs. I think it's simply amazing that Nickel and his wife both share the blog and tell the most amazing stories about kids. I read it everyday so I can laugh about his kids. They are amazing. The personality of Nickel is very funny and humorous. I think the posts on raising4boys, really give some insight in having kids that is not often shared by parents. Like planning birthday parties, saving money, etc. I really want kids and this site just makes me laugh about it.

I know I'm suppossed to be reviewing 5 cents nickel, which is a great site. BUT check out raising4boys if you have chance as well. Now if only I could get nickel to explain how he decided to have 4 kids and why they chose to have them when they had them. That would be really interesting. And if they plan on trying ever for a girl, or would they adopt.

So shouts out to nickel for publishing two awesome blogs.


mom said...

I know this is probably the Cinco de Mayo tequila talking, but your sentiments about our parenting site made me want to cry. Thank you for your sweetness.

JW said...

I just went over the raising4boys, it seems to be very interesting. Thanks for the tip.

Living Almost Large said...

LOL, mom anytime. After all you have 4 hilarious kids.