Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Directv Cancellation

To cancel the directv it would cost $20/month for each month early. So it will cost $60 for us to cancel in July. However we are going to have to pay $20/month extra come June 10th because our special deal from our current internet provider runs out.

I am not sure whether to just cancel the directv and switch to FIOS or try to keep pushing the deal back so we don't have to pay a penalty. One thing I like is the all in one nature of the deal. Also it'll be about the same price in both packages.

Right now we pay $55 for directv and $53 for phone/internet. With the new package we get internet/phone/cable for $99, but to add on the DVR and extra box it costs $17 plus tax (~$10). So we'll be paying about $20 more a month. Sounds like a lot, but we are running out of discounts on both the directv and phone deal of $25/month. So it's about the same price, but we do get HDTV and a multiroom DVR. I think we might take the deal.


KG said...

Have you considered giving up paying for TV altogether? It's so easy to download shows from the Internet these days...

Living Almost Large said...

Nope, I like watching a few shows Law and Order and Scrubs. If I were in debt I'd cut it, but for now I like.

It's a luxury yes, but what is the point having money if you don't spend it?

I am not about to live life without pleasures. I don't want debt, but if it means depriving myself of everything then nope. Life is a balance, I like eating out, I like traveling, I like spending money. I don't like saving but I do it anyway.

And yes I'm cheap, if I weren't I wouldn't walk around picking coupons from the trash, and other stuff.

I also own two paid for cheap cars. So I could buy a nicer cars and cut our cable, but why?