Thursday, May 17, 2007

Floating money to company...continued

I forgot to mention that today DH comes tomorrow! Yeh! Anyway when he left last Saturday, it turns out that his ticket booked by the company wasn't paid for. What? He got to the airport and was told he didn't have a ticket, he had a reservation but it was never paid for. He was like what? So he plunked down the CC and paid $1600 for a ticket between the coasts. I am only writing this now because he just sent me his new itinerary and what he paid. I am flipping out, and extremely unhappy with the company right now. Plus he gets in much later because his original flights were filled! So he had to get on different flights.

The idiocy of the company is outrageous. They say they get corporate discounts, but what discount when you are paying at the ticket counter? Same thing happened with a car. I just don't get what is going here. I mean they acted as though it was all confirmed and DH had to just show up. He knew he'd had to pay for the car, and the airline tickets I thought we paid for 2 months ago? So now I'm not sure what is going on. This is so stupid and we're out about $3k for a week trip to conference and the company has to reimburse us. And if they had just let us book it on Orbitz it might have been at $300 ticket!

I don't understand sometimes how companies function. They act like they are saving money when in reality they aren't. Instead they are wasting it on stupid things like using travel agents, etc. Enough of my rant, at least DH is coming home safe and sound. And we're going to a birthday party this weekend for a kid. I bought him the Thomas the Train plug in game controller, cool!


Anonymous said...

Told you so. They're awful. Next time, demand to see ticket before you leave. yada, yada, yada.

You get the idea.

Matt said...

Is this a smaller or "younger" company? Most of the ones I've worked for have done a decent job of managing travel costs (we actually use Orbitz ourselves), and usually provide a corporate card.
None of this helps you now, but maybe it will help you know what to expect or look for down the road..

Living Almost Large said...

Midsized about 1000 people. The department is just really disorganized and they've had problems in the past with higher ups ripping the company off.

Living Almost Large said...

1000 people company, well established like 20+ years. And I think the department is just poorly run. Arrgh. Part of the reason is they've had to investigate the upper management in the past for improprieties.