Friday, May 25, 2007

Renegotiating an offer?

DH renegotiated his offer from the new company. They threw in a signing bonus, guarantee of management experience, and assurance of tuition reimbursement. But I suppose this is not the reason he is taking the job offer.

Well DH was asked to propose an idea for an intern coming to work with him over the summer. He wrote up a great idea, he developed actually in grad school, and his boss shot it down. She said it was a plan B. This was not the first time it has happened. She does it a lot. The only time his ideas get heard or used is if he presents them in a larger group setting where others can support his ideas. More than once his ideas have been picked up when presented to others. In fact his proposal was given the thumbs up by two other collegues (equals easily of his boss) who thought his idea great and appropriate for an intern.

So basically even with the pay cut, DH's boss just drove him into the arms of the other company. He didn't negotiate as hard as he could have mainly because he wants more responsibility and opportunity to improve himself. He wants a chance to speak up and be heard. I don't know if this is a mistake or not, but I feel his frustation every time he comes home and his ideas at work have been shot down. I know he feels unproductive and not a member of a team.

So I'd rather have him happy. He looks at this as a chance to control his own destiny and career. This is a chance for him to prove himself. I might add that DH does not currently report to a project manager. At his current company he reports to another person who reports to the project manager, so you can see the overabundance of management. How difficult it can be to move up, and it doesn't leave much room for him contribute.

Well that's it for now, we've decided to move forward and make the best of a strange sitution. I guess the next post will be how much notice to give?

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