Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mail in Rebates

This weekend I really need to do about 5 mail in rebates. But I'm feeling sort of lazy and not up to the challenge. Anyway I got back my first mail in rebate for $10. Not bad, for buying beef and seafood. I also got back surprisingly the movie tickets for purchasing 6 different health and beauty items from my store. In all I spent about $6 on beauty items like ricola, ob, herbal essences shampoo, reach dental floss, crest, and colgate TP. I'm going to try again with DH's name and see if it works, I bought items yesterday for $7 more dental floss, atkins bar, hand soap, crest tp, excedrin, and listerine pocket packs. Just for buying these things I get 4 movie tickets up to $10.50 each, which is quite a lot. I think it's a steallar deal. Now if I could get everything for less than $5 that would be awesome, but unfortunately I don't get the best coupons.

I also usually don't do mail in rebates, but the ones I have to do are Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog, I should get back about $40. Also I'm doing a lipton ice tea deal spend $25 get $10, I bought $40 for $8 last week, so I'll make a little on the deal. I have to say I love the lipton to go packs, I could have made more if I bought the cheaper bulk deals, but it's something I like and use. I also am mailing in a $8 Tostito's rebate, I bought 6 Tostitos for $7 so again I'm making a buck. Luckily DH loves Tostitos. I usually never buy chips, but when it's $6 for $10 I'll do it.

Do you like MIR? Find it useful? I usually don't but, these deals are too good to pass up.

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