Sunday, May 06, 2007

April 2007 Net Worth Update

My DH hates the fact that I used to post our networth, but I still like tracking it. So this month we had a funny month. I took out $1000 on our HELOC which is bugging me but I didn't sell some stock I meant to because it didn't hit my target price to pay some bills. I will do it actually this wednesday after the earnings come out, which I predict should increase the stock to my target price. If not I'll sell and pay of the $1k I meant to pay of earlier.

Lots of bills this month, our property taxes, more tuition payments, etc. But a good month in some ways, I accidentally paid our mortgage twice um, so that contributed to our cash shortage. But it caused us to increase our net worth by 3.54%. We also had a lot of retirement savings hit at once in the 401k and Roth IRA, increased that by 27.7%. Also our stocks took a small hit of 15%, hence the HELOC.

Anyway though my goal is to break the $200k networth soon, our biggest problem has been getting our stocks to cooperate. We shall see, right now we're still at $196k, though we've contributed to the 401k and Roth IRAs this year. Arrgh, frustrating. Anyway though I didn't count on our ESPP, that will cash out this month for about $8-10k, already again earmarked for tuition.

Positives, our stocks are going up after a bad feb/march. And we are paying a ton of cash for school with ZERO reimbursment from work.

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