Thursday, May 24, 2007

Verizon Deal?

So a door to door person came by today and offered me a deal on Verizon. Just as I was complaining about RCN and the fact I don't have a deal. I was offered a deal for FIOS internet, cable, and phone for $99/month for 2 years. Not a bad deal. Also the contract would be for only 1 year but the price guaranteed for 2 years. That made the deal sound better to me than expected. But I couldn't call up and get this deal, I would have to sign up with the door to door salesperson. This I knew to be truth because I had just called Verizon earlier in the week.

So I decided to hear the saleman out more. Also for another $12/month I could get a multi-room DVR including HDTV. Regular price $20. Another bonus was an extra receiver for $5. I took both deals and was offered all movie channels for $20. That I added on though I was told I could cancel it later. So I scheduled the installation for the end of June.

But I still have my directv contract. I can't decide right now which to do, cancel directv and start the package and pay an early termination fee. Or allow RCN to provide service until we can cancel the directv? The saleman told me that I could push back the installation easily another month by calling and asking for a reschedule but still have the same. I wonder if that's true? I also have 3 business days to rescind my decision by federal law and according to verizon 30 days after installation.

My guess is I'll call directv and see what the early termination fee is. And I'll mull over this for the weekend.

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