Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day gifts...

Okay this year for mother's day I didn't send flowers. Instead I spent a small fortune on postage. I shipped my mom, grandma, and aunt's gift. I spent about $55 on shipping for everything. Sounds crazy, well buying gifts online doesn't work. I spend on average $15-20/gift to ship to Hawaii. Also half of the company's don't even want to ship to hawaii because they'd have to use overnight and it would cost $50+. I have found I can only use harry and david and pepperidge farms. I also have found that the food items I order often are damaged or rotten from the shipping. So what am I paying for? One Christmas all my gifts were ruined and everyone had to get their gifts again. I felt outraged.

So this time I made my own care packages of body lotion, make up, chocolate, etc. I have no idea if the food stuff I bought will make it there, but I'm hoping it can't turn out worse than rotten cheesecake. Or decomposing frut baskets.

I know Mother's Day is supposed to be for getting together with your mother, but since mine is so far away I am just sending her a gift so she'll know I at least thought of her. In an aside, my MIL got nothing, I bought her a card DH is giving her, but he declined sending her a present.

I guess that will be my next post.

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