Monday, May 21, 2007

Negotiating internet discount?

Our current internet/phone is provided by RCN. We are getting a $20/month discount for one year but our package which expires 6/10. I tried calling RCN today but they wouldn't discuss extending our discount for another 6 months or a year. So I tried calling Verizon and Comcast. But neither companies had really great deals. Plus we're stuck in a directv contract until August.

So getting package deal is difficult. I don't know how to negotiate with them. Right now I'm weighing different options. I wonder whether to cancel everything and start fresh. I hate playing these games where I have to constantly switch to get the "new" deals offered to customers. I wish that companies would just give existing customers the deals they offer to new customers so we wouldn't have to play these games. But I suppose if people felt they were getting the best deals, there wouldn't be any deals.

RCN said I should wait until our current deal expires then call again. What do most people do?

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