Monday, May 14, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #97

The Carnival of Personal Finance #97 is up at My Open Wallet. I submitted my article "being wothy of money...martial argument #4.

This is amazing the 100th edition of the Carnival. Wow, who knew it'd be around so long. One article that hit close to home was by Golbguru "Husband, does your wife know how to invest?" This article make me think of my parents. My mom doesn't know how much money they have, she'll find out when my dad dies, and I'll end up managing it. Yep, she doesn't manage her own money at all. Guess parents don't like to admit deficiences.

Another good article but not so serious was by the digerati life called "extreme makover - pay taxes." Gives good insight into having to pay taxes for reality TV.

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