Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trading in Games...

DH finally let go of some old games. Finally. He is such a packrate we have texbooks that should be thrown out but he refuses. He can't let go of anything. We kept 5 years of worth of bills before we moved and threw most away.

Anyway though we traded in games and got $100 store credit. What'd we do? We bought Paper Mario and Super Mario Party 8 (Coming out end of the month) instead. I am dying to play but I'm sitting here instead writing on my blog and trying to put together stupid mother's day gifts to go out in the mail. Unfortunately everyone's gifts will get there late.

We also splurged and spend $21 and bought a second nun-chuck for the Wii. Which I feel is worth it because I'm dying to start playing dual games. Currently we've sort of been just switching off.

So do I feel it was worth it? Totally, I suppose our gaming addiction will eventually end when we have kids, but for now it's fun. I have no idea why we enjoy it, perhaps because we grew up with super nintendos. Or people just around our age got into computers and games. I don't know, but I do think we're slightly unusual to be buying these systems and games.

Although I have to say, these new systems are not priced for kids. I don't know how parents afford buying these systems and $50/pop games for kids. Not to mention the controllers are another $50. I hurt when I buy them, but at least I work and spend my own money. And when I have kids I know DH is hoping for a boy to play with. But most parents in their 30s+ probably don't play these games with their kids. Except maybe starting now. But how can they just pay $250+ for one gift? Maybe if you have more than one kid, it can be Christmas.

But I'm off to walk the dogs and fire up the game for 30 minutes.

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