Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Well today is Black Friday. The first day of the year when most stores finally go into the black. Meaning they are finally out earning their expenses. Sadly it takes them until basically the last month of the year to "break even" or make an income. Crazy. This is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US.

I usually enjoy Black Fridays because it's fun to get deals on things I plan on buying anyway. And I'll get up early to enjoy it. I don't stand in line, but I will go after the store opens. At least that's what we did this morning.

We went to circuit city, best buy, sports authority, and sears. All in all it took us with driving and parking 3 hours. Not bad. This year we were considering staying at home until an ad by Circuit city drove us out. Our two big items we wanted were Mario Galaxy for $35 and a Sony car stereo for $99.

Yep normally we buy a game here and there, and I've been dying for Mario Galaxy. However due to our schedule we thought to wait to buy it used at Christmas. Well low and behold CC had it on sale for $35! We sold our used Paper Mario for $40 after buying it for $50. I bet if we finish this by Christmas we can sell it for $40.

As for the car stereo, mine's been broken for a few months. And we've been looking at used car stereos and a replacement face on ebay. But it hasn't been a priority. However this stereo was $99 including installation! What a great deal, plus it has an ipod adaptor. DH could do it himself but he didn't want to so when we saw the deal we made a huge push to make sure we went and go it.

And since we were going out anyway we decided to swing by the other 3 stores and pick up things we needed. I got two sweaters and two workout pants, DH got a sweater. We also got Fever Pitch, 2 handsfree bluetooth headsets and ipod accesory kit. Now all I have left is CVS shopping and we're done for Black Friday.

Did you score some major deals? Previously we've scored some nice deals including an external harddrive, computer monitor, telephone, and camera. But this year we didn't really need much.

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