Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poll Votes: How many CC do you have?

The results are in. Most people (15, 71% of voters) have between 1-2 cards. A few (3, 14% of voters) have no credit card. An equal number have between 3-4 cards (3, 14% of voters). And no one appears to have more than 5 credit cards.

I believe I have more than 5 credit cards. Admittedly I use pretty much two cards, one mastercard and an american express for Costco. But I have never cancelled the other cards we have. I know we have a discover card, best buy, home depot, and Jordan's credit card. I'm not sure if we have any more. Since we don't use them I probably should call and cancel them and make sure no charges have been made. But laziness ensues where I don't feel like taking the time to cancel the cards or look for them. I also need to pull my credit report.


Anonymous said...

If you care about keeping your FICO score high, just cut up the unused cards but don't cancel them. I know this isn't what Dave Ramsey advises -- he'd say cancel them all. But if you plan to shop for a mortgage in the near future, your FICO score remains important, especially in the current financial/mortgage market.

Anonymous said...

I think If you're not looking for FICO, it would be better to just cancel the unused cards.

Or if the laziness cost still goes below the charges of those unused credit cards, some people do prefer to leave those cards untouched and not cancelled.

Everyone have their own choice of life style :)

J.C. Carvill