Thursday, November 08, 2007

October Spending and Net Worth Update

We had a pretty good month overall. We spent $271 on groceries for the month of October. Not bad considering we had guests again for the first two weeks of the month. Plus we spent $224 eating out. Also good considering we had guests for part of the month as well. Also within the $224, was the $79.99 spent on McCormick's Gift Certificates which we still have $50 to eat out with. So overall a pretty decent month on food. What I've noticed is that the price of food has increased a lot over the year, considering I keep a price book and I haven't seen as many deals on foods as I used to. It feels as though food has increased exponentially this year.

Unfortunately with guests we were out and about more than usual and spent $193 on gas for the car. Down from our high of $229 in September. However I've noticed gas is creeping up again, so perhaps it's time to adjust our monthly budget from $120 to $140. We typically fill up about 1 week @ almost $30/tank. I rarely drive and DH switches the cars out so we get balanced usage of the cars.

Other than that our spending was pretty much the same in all budgeted categories.

As far as our networth went we increased our net worth by 3.04%. We increased our retirement by $3117 and our cash on hand was up to $11k. However, since the beginning of the month I noticed that our cash on hand is already down to $5k. Typical of our fixed bills. Looking back 1 year ago our retirement was at $29k and currently is at $68k. I see we're making significant progress in our savings. When I figure out our ESPP that will increase our monthly savings, although it mostly is for DH's tuition.

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change is a good thing said...

Looks like October was a good month for you! Great work!

Like you, I am not seeing as many good deals on groceries lately and even though it is only me, my grocery budget seems to be soaring.