Monday, November 05, 2007

Forced Charitable Giving?

I was reading on a message board about people who are forced to give to United Way at work. It seems that many of the larger companies pressure workers to give. Companies get plaques and recognition for a higher number of contributors from the company. It makes the company look like a member of the community.

I think it can be a good thing if the company matches donations to any charity. But to require giving by employees seems to take it a step too far. I am happy that DH's company matches 100% of charitable giving up to $1000/year. It's a nice bonus just to make employees feel good.

Although I like the idea of companies matching giving, I am appalled that companies feel it's giving when they are forcing or "encouraging" people to give strongly.


MEG said...

I think it's illegal for companies to force employees to give, but of course "force" is a relative term. My company has a "day of caring" every year where different departments and teams take on various volunteer projects in the community. My manager made sure to explain that it wasn't mandatory--but what's the alternative, refusing to help those in need and going to work by yourself?

Our company also encourages everyone to donate to the United Way, but I've never felt really pressured to do so. My first year they were really into it (and the company was really profitable), so the management decided to match contributions. It made me feel better giving, knowing that every $1 I gave turned into $1.50.

Also, we get extra vacation days or "united way days" for various levels of giving. I pledged $500 for 2008, and I get an extra day and a half off because of it.

Living Almost Large said...

I think that's what it is. "encouraged" giving.