Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Budget Poll:

Well the poll for Christmas budget closed. It was interesting. It appeared that 10 people spend between $100-$500, while 13 people spend between $500-1000 for Christmas. That equals to 31% and 44% respectively. So the bulk of people fall into this category. I wonder if the majority of these voters fall between $250-750?

Also 3 people spend less than $100 and and equal number of people spend above $1000. This equals to 10% of voters.

I fall into the $500-1000 category for everything. I guess I'm in the median/average number. Do you think this is high?

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Myself said...

That all depends.
How many people are you buying for, and what're you buying.

We allocate $1100/yr for Christmas.

That's basically for all 12 kids in our respective families.

Admittedly my wife overspent this year by $200 which most of that is due to buy 2 Nintendo DS machines for our oldest 2 children.