Monday, November 19, 2007

Carnival Of Personal Finance #127

The Carnival of Personal Finances #127 is up at Moolanomy. I submitted my article "Do I need a FICO score?"

Looks like a great carnival. However check out these articles by Quest for a Million "Car Lessons", wowsa I can't believe how many cars this guy has had. I feel so indulgent having even one car bought new. He's had 9 cars, sure maybe some were used, but if I buy one car a decade for the next 5 decades of my life I wouldn't have so many cars. I should poll how many cars people have had.

Also check out a Penny Closer for "Home Financing Options". Personally on our first condo we did an 80-10-10, which is pretty good considering how little we made. We did consider a 90% mortgage without PMI offered by Washington Mutual, but were determined to pay down the 10% asap. Turns out it was a better deal. But check out what a Penny Closer did.

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