Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas package updated..

Well we booked our package for whistler. Not the cheapest deal, but a pretty good rate. The worse part about booking it was the weak dollar made us pay 10% more because the US dollar is so low compared with the Canadian dollar. arrgh.

So what'd we get? We booked 4 nights in Whistler at the Hilton hotel. Beautiful luxury hotel. I've noticed my DH has been less and less inclined to stay at cheap roach motels. Since I conceded this vacation as his 30th birthday present I can't complain. Plus we included 3 out of 4 days skiing at Whistler-Blackcomb. Combined price of the package is $1042 including taxes.

Right now the trip total is $1042 + 90 flights + $350 dog boarding = $1482. Whew, it seems like a lot, and we haven't even booked a few days in Vancover, eating out, and activities. I wonder if we can do the 8 days for $3k? The biggest expense of the trip was the Whistler hotel and snowboarding lift tickets. Snowboarding each was $180 at least. This might be our only snowboarding trip of the year.

I am just hating the weak US dollar. I remember when the $1 USD was worth $1.6 CAD. That would have made the trip more palatable. Although right now travelling anywhere with the USD is a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

If the exchange rate is so terrible, why go someplace in Canada? Why not go skiing somewhere in Colorado or New Mexico? Do you plan to visit family while in Canada?


Living Almost Large said...

Yep, bingo. Going to check out city and see family both sides. So a semiprivate vacation.

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th birthday to your DH.
As we get older, we want more luxuries ie: better hotel.

When we were young we could stay at a Super 8 but now, we want the Hilton.

Have a great time! Truly.