Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheap Gym Option

A cheap gym option for Costco members is $199/year at 24 hour fitness. I loved that gym because it had so many classes. Also when we lived in CA they were everywhere, so I could always find one close to home to work out.

Unfortunately now there isn't any 24 hour fitness gyms nearby so working out is a lot more expensive. However for those who have a 24 hour fitness nearby check out this deal.

Staying fit and working out should be a priority for everyone. It's great to be financially fit, but you have to be healthy enough to enjoy your money as well. There is no point in saving for retirement if you die before you get there.

Even thin people need to exercise to fight osteoporsis as they get older.


minimum wage said...

Sounds great, but it's unavailable at this time.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly.

Gyms are always oversold, by a factor of 10, as they don't expect you to use the facility, just pay the dues.
So they'll sign you on almost any terms you negotiate, including "unavailable" plans. This applies to 24 hour fitness.

Of course, I don't necessarily accept that the costco terms are indeed frugal, since you're buying a year of something you might not use. Consider the friends&family deal ("silver certs") that has no enrollment fee and allows you to cancel on 30 days notice.

Living Almost Large said...

Depends, nothing in life is frugal if you don't use it. Like cookware or dishes if you don't cook. But what if you do? Many people have dishes and cookware, but how many eat out more?