Tuesday, February 13, 2007

$200 night out

Since I already set aside the money for DH's night out I'm not couting it in this month's spending expenditure. However if he goes over $200 I am, because he doesn't have more cash than that. What the heck costs $200 for one guy a night?

Try rinkside hockey tickets. His absolutely hometown, grew up with, hockeyteam is coming to town for the only time in about 5 years to play. And someone he works with has season rinkside tickets which are $150/seat, a discount from the regular price of $175 because it's a season ticket. Anyway though, I doubt $50 will be enough for dinner and beers, so I'm guessing an extra $50 which is valentine's day gift early.

So my spending for today will probably be $50. Sure it sounds like a very expensive present/gift, but the truth is my DH is such a frugal guy he deserves a great night now. I hope that he has fun. Anyway I told him to call me to pick him up in case he drinks too much beer, because a DD infraction is $1k out of pocket at least.

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