Saturday, February 10, 2007

2006 Taxes Prep

So I did and off the cuff estimate of our taxes. Because of my stupidity regarding DH's bonus at the end of the year, it appears we will be getting back over $4k from the federal government. Also maybe another $1k from the state. Most people are probably like wow. But me, I'm smacking my head going darn it.

We just gave the government an interest free loan. Granted that a lof of it came from the end of the year bonus taxes taken out, but still. It's really baloney that I did something so done. Anyway, we're still taking it to an accountant. We want to be sure we do the timeshare donation correctly and are able to recoup our donation fully. It's a lot more complicated also with our bonuses this year, but hopefully if nothing major changes next year we'll be doing it ourselves.

We were supposed to go this morning, however due to my DH forgetting his schedule we're not seeing our refund until at least two weeks from now.

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