Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dow goes running...

Yesterday the Dow dropped 400 points. What are you doing today? Shoveling more money into the market or trying to sell off? I guess because of my age I wish I had more money to invest into the market. Right now I am about to rebalance our portfolio DH's 401k, our Roth IRAs, and a few other things. If we had more money we'd be funneling it into the market.

Do you think this is a start of a "bear" market? Or is this just a correction in the current bull market and an opportunity for some to buy more? The last bear market ended in October 2002 and we've had really great time since then. Many people would say not yet the S and P has been performing 10%+ since then annually.

As a twenty-something, my advice to other twenty-somethings dive into market. We've got a long time until retirement and this should be looked as a golden opportunity. Just remember time and diversification solves most problems. Just don't panic everytime something happens with either really good or really bad.

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