Friday, February 23, 2007

bad karma...

I really believe in karma and doing good unto others will allow good fortune to run your way. For me I've lost my wallet three times since 2000, and I've always had it returned intact. Great karma right? So I've always returned anything I've found or tried to be honest because of it.

Today DH walks into the parking lot and finds his front right bumper dented, lights cracked and hanging off. Arrgh. This is so frustrating, and yes there was no note. I can't believe someone just hit him and left without a note. This is not the first time this happened. And in a "locked underground" garage.

We're not making a claim, and we may not fix it entirely. This has happened to us multiple times. For some reason people love hitting our cars in parking lots and leaving no note. This has happened to my car in walmart, work, DH at work 2x before, mall, target. I can't believe that someone he works with would be so dishonest. It's so frustrating because this happens to us a lot with our cars.

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