Friday, February 02, 2007

Spending today

Today I spent $72.97. I spent $19.89 on Gas, $52.08 at Stop and Shop, and $1 on a Redbox movie. Unfortunately this will be a budget breaking weekend. Why? Because coke is on sale at Stop and Shop for $1.99/12 pack. Which is a fantastic deal. So we bought a total of 12 - 12 packs. Yeah I know we could have saved a ton today by not drinking soda (4 x $7.77 = $31.08).

But DH takes a can everyday for lunch. It's his major vice. Second he also like to have a can with dinner and usually another one later in the evening. So what's a person to do? And nope he's only a BMI of 19 with excellent health so it's tough to play the overweight card.

Another thing, today someone at work commented that DH is the MOST disciplined person they know. They mentioned he always brings a lunch to work. This has been a habit for us since we've pretty much meet. We've never had a chance to be able to afford to eat out for lunch, and perhaps we should eat out? That'll be tomorrows post.

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