Saturday, February 24, 2007

2/24 February Spending Update

This wek I sort of spent off budget a bit. I spent at Border's $2.95 on a smoothie, last night we bought buns and meatballs for $10.49, and today at Costco we spent $26.31 on corned beef, medicine, broccoli, and bread. We also ate lunch at costco for $3.66 for a hot dog and pizza slice. And we ate dinner at a Chinese place for $46.74.

All in all our current monthly spending is $730.69, with $160.78 going to eating out. I think we had a pretty good month overall. I think our biggest expenditures this month unfortunately was buying a ton of soda. Of course I'll continue tracking our spending next month as well. I'm trying to curb our eating out and groceries as much as possible because we're trying to live on a "budget".

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