Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year! Eating out on a holiday

Okay so starts the new year based on the lunar calendar for chinese people. DH and I hate going out on holidays. So for valentine's day we usually go out the weekend before or after. Same thing with chinese new year, instead we'll go out for dim sum tomorrow because it will be less crowded and better service.

I notice that whenever you go out to eat for a holiday, like valentine's day, easter, mother's day, etc the need for a reservation is essential. Also restaurants charge more for their specialies of the day. And the service is absolutely terrible. The wait for a table is often longer than planned and the wait staff is running ragged by the sheer volume and duration of clients.

Though I love eating out and don't mind spending the price, I realized a more than a few year ago it's not worth going out on a holiday. I don't get to enjoy my food because I'm constantly rushed or ignored. The food itself is often sub-par compared to any other normal time And I feel that my money didn't buy me the meal I was expecting in my head.

But anyway, I thought I'd wish me a gong hi fa choi (happy chinese new year) and a happy belated valentine's day.

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