Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Too frugal? No bedframe...

Okay I was poked at by Trent over at Stock Market Beat for not buying a bedframe. Now I really want a bedframe, but I am having the most difficult time buying one. And the reasons behind it are not at all financial.

First DH and I have to agree on which set we should buy. Second finding a bedroom set which fits up the stairs. It's so tough because our master is on the third floor of our townhouse and the staircase is so narrow. When we moved in we had to buy a split boxspring for a queen size bed. It just is not feasible to order any set. We ordered two bedroom sets, which when the furniture guys came out to measure didn't fit.

I'm sick of this condo. I hate living somewhere that you are constantly measuring any stupid piece of furniture because it's impossible to fit. When I am able to live large, I want to live in a one story house with french doors to a back yard and a front door large enough to fit any furniture.

Arrgh. Enough whining, I will hopefully get furniture when I find the time to shop more and get something nice.

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