Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monthly Fixed Expenses

I'm pretty shocked by our monthly fixed expenses. The total is $826/month. Of course if we were laid off or something a lot of things could be cut to save a few dollars. But overall part of our problem is we pay quite a lot for heating of our home and a lot for car insurance. We have only liability on a 99 Corolla and a 00 Focus, and our annual insurance is $1762 for two drivers.

I wonder if there is a way to decrease our monthly liabilities? Should we drop the dog insurance? I think DH would have a conniption. I guess we could get rid of Tivo and drop the landline. But I love my Tivo. Currently we're not tight on money but I feel like such a spendthrift.

$180 HOA
$64 Gas(heating)
$172 Electric
$146 Car Insurance
$25 Home Insurance
$62 Dog Insurance
$52 phone, internet
$55 directv
$70 Cell Phone


Aimee said...

We found that prepaid cell phone service worked well for us, it only costs $200 a year for two phones, so it saved us over $1200 a year. Of course, we don't use our phones often enough to use up all our mins, and if you are the same way it could be a good thing to cut back on. :) Also, we use Vonage for our landline and that saves us over $30 a month.

I agree with you on the DVR, we have loved ours and it would be hard to get rid off. There has to be some room for fun in the budget.

Anonymous said...

Come on dog insurance. You don't need that. Save it in another savings account and build your own dog insurance.

Living Almost Large said...

I use our cell phone exclusively to call home and chat with my family. DH does the same so we use a lot of minutes. We have the cheapest plan and watch our minutes.

The dog insurance is a dog health care plan with Banfield pet hospital. Unfortunately our dogs cost us a small fortune every year. Annually we do teeth cleaning, plus we've also paid for eye surgery as well these past two years. But they are members of the family and we do set aside quite a bit for them.