Friday, February 16, 2007

2/16 Weekend Spending

Today we spent $6.79 on Papa John's Pizza. I had a gift certificate for $10, so we just paid $6.79 for the cheesesticks and pizza. On Saturday we bought a 24 pack of Sam Adams beer from Costco, and lots of chicken at $1.69/lb at Stop and Shop. On Sunday we bought plywood from Home Depot. On Monday to celebrate chinese New Year we ate out Dim Sum.

2/16 Papa John's $6.79
2/17 Costco $23.19 beer
Costco $107.67
Stop and Shop $23.44
2/18 Russo's $13.68
Home Depot $5.85
2/19 Green Tea $25.00

Thus the spending this far this month is $640.54, with $107.43 going to Eating out.

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