Monday, February 26, 2007

Why can't we get along?

Why are there people out there who are rabid Dave Ramsey fans and hate everyone who uses a CC? Or they dislike those people paying off debt based on interest rate. Why can't we all just get along? Why not just accept that as long as people are trying to become debt free it doesn't matter what method they use?

Or why not accept that some people can use CC responsible? And instead of saying the people using CC spend more, show scientific studies and data proving this. Just quoting Dave Ramsey, who doesn't have the actually study isn't enough. The study that DR quotes as people spending 17% more on CC, does not appear to exist. I've looked through journals online and in one of the most extensive business libraries. I have no been able to find this study. If some reader should have it, I would love to read it.

I would hope that people who are anti-debt would be supportive to hearing about others experiences. And learning why they do what they do. I find that people who manage their money properly and are financially savvy are very open to listening to debt free people. They do not bash those who are asking questions. Many DR followers I've found will immediately jump on those who "fall off the wagon" or "stop drinking the cool-aid." This makes me wonder why? Because no one is perfect and I wonder how many people in cyberworld are really following the DR plan to a T?

I think it takes more guts to say you make mistakes and be honest than it is to be perfect. To be constantly struggling in life is more realistic. I constantly struggle against wanting to keep up with the Joneses. I want to charge and not pay it off. I want more than what I can afford, but I have to strive everyday to curb these impulses and keep them in check. But blogging about it helps. And being honest about it helps. It's a change in lifestyle, not just a change in behavior for a little while.


debtfreesteve said...

I'm one of those rabid DR fans, however I attempt to discuss things, versus flat out argue about them. I can only speak from experience. I too, was a 20 something, trying to figure all of this stuff out. We could not use credit cards responsibly. We had no clue, then we started the DR plan, paid off $123,000 in debt, in about 3 years. Our Net worth, jumped from Negative 123K, to now positive 80K. DR made us pay attention, and it was just packaged well, easy to understand. It is not a given that people always will struggle. We can pretty much do whatever we want to, given that now we have the $ to do so, whereas before, we made all of those payments. Life can be great on the other side of debt.

Living Almost Large said...

Thanks for the perspective. I'm a person who never had debt so I'm not sure how to appreciate DR. But I feel often times that people who are rabid DR are mean to those who are in debt and getting out less intensely.

Because I haven't ever had debt, I can't judge. So I know what it's like to live beneath my means for a long long time, actually forever.

But I'd like to think that at least people are trying to get out of debt, it's better than just declaring BK. I'm a glass is half full person. I'm okay with DR working for you. But why do so many people get angry at PF bloggers trying to get out of debt who "fall off the wagon" instead of being supportive and saying try harder?

Mama of 2 said...

I'm new to the DR bandwagon as of start of 2007. My sister and her husband turned us on to his plan and I can't thank them enough.

My husband and I were not always the most responsible when it came to debt and CC. And there were times we actually were using them (CC)to get by. Or at least we thought that's what we had to do.
After subscribing to DR's plan we haven't touched our CC in 2 months and have paid off about $5200 in CC debt but we still have about $12k to go.

I am with debtfreesteve...I can have an open dialogue when it comes to DR and getting out of debt. I personally feel like whatever method works for you and your family is great as long as you stick to it.

DR just worked for us and like your other poster said he made us pay attention.

JW said...

This is a great topic of debate. I was one of those who also felt that it was better to pay off smallest to largest (no matter what). But, now I prefer to pay off my debts based upon which ever one my wife agrees is most important. What I've discovered is that her buy-in is more important to the rapid reduction than anything else.

Living Almost Large said...

See the thing is steve and mom, you can discuss openly your experience with your spouse. But with others?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force them to drink. The only way to stop alcoholism is within. Unless someone really wants to change they won't

I'm with JW, the most important thing is getting along with your spouse. And with that said I have to find a way to loosen the budget that's too tight for us.

But I'm just a person whose happy that others are trying to get out of debt. Rather than sitting there declaring BK, they are doing something. So even if they aren't gung-ho or fall of the wagon, I feel you pick yourself up, and run after the wagon.