Saturday, March 10, 2007

$1600 Watch Followup

Timbo being my DH is laughing right now. So we went to check out the fossil store but they couldn't repair the band nor did they have any watch bands to replace the broken band.

So I said just get something you like. We walk all day looking at watches and there is nothing he really loves. We've both seen the combo watches by Timex, in fact he still has his old expedition combo watch. So he decides he'll just come home and replace a watch he's had since high school. Fossil does not have combo watches anymore, at least not the combo watch I bought him or else we would have gotten the identical watch. Personally thinking back I should have bought two.

Anyway though, low and behold when he goes looking for his Timex, it's in his fossil box, he finds a couple of old links. So last night he spends some time fixing his watch and replaces the broken link with a new link. It's not easy because it's a non removable link, so he still has to solder the links into place. But wow. My DH is a savings guru. I am very impressed I wonder if he can get another 7 years out of this watch?

I guess that's my goal is to be wealthy enough one day to be able to purchase that $1600 watch. Not saying that I will, but to be able to think about it would probably mean that I've accomplished other savings goals which were more important.

I think it's relative to being able to always buying a new car or luxury trip. Great if you can afford it and even laudable. Because it means you've been able to save and live within your means!

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