Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grocery Bait and Switch

One of my pet peeves is going to a grocery store and having a bait and switch done. What is that? It's where the item, for example candy, is in a bin with a sign saying Buy One Get One Free and $1.50. So you think great deal, right?

Well DH thought awesome. He took the candy to the register but then it didn't ring up correctly. So he asked the cashier what was going on? The cashier said the sign was for another candy in the candy aisle, but the candy in the bin directly below the sign was not on sale. He knew this was a scam by the store to attempt to sell the more expensive candy mislabelled. He tells the cashier he doesn't want the candy. The cashier still trys to sell it to him. The idea is that the store is trying to make people buy something more expensive by pressuring you when you are in line and unable to return the candy. Also you have people behind you waiting to check out, and possibly you'd miss the cost of the candy period. Because you aren't watching every item scanned. These stores know every trick to get you to spend more money.

Same thing happened to me the other day. What do you say? I bought 4 ice creams and was supposed to get $4 coupon back for my next trip. Anyway, I purchase it on the add, and the coupon doesn't print. I go to the front desk and complain with my receipt. They give me one but only after I threaten to ask for a refund.

I can't believe that stores can get away with these business practices. They rush you through the checkout line so you feel pressured to not return an item you "thought" was on sale. Or are not paying attention to the price because of your kids. Or are just to lazy to go and change the item.

Anyway enough about my rant. I'm exceptionally careful now and look over not only my receipt but I carefully watch as every item is scanned if the price is what I expect.

Is this the experience others have had?


shawna said...

I know what you mean, grocery stores are the worst! About a month ago I bought some bread - it wasn't on sale, just the same price it is every time I buy it. I get to the checkout and it rings up over a dollar more and of course they want to debate with you about the price. :)

Living Almost Large said...

I find it happening more and more often nowadays.