Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patricks Day!

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I'll keep this short because it's been a long day. Today instead of boozing about, we spent the day snowboarding in NH. It was awesome, the powder was like being back in the Rockies.

We had such a great time. The weather was awesome, the snow amazing, and not many people. I can't figure out if it was because it was Saint Pattie's day or because everywhere go so much snow that people didn't care which mountain they went to.

Anyway our tickets were a steal of a deal at $29 each. We bought boards, boots, and bindings last season so our investment in going boarding has dropped dramatically.

While our boards last year for everything cost $300/per person, I calculate that it has now cost us about $20 per use of our boards. Cheaper than renting, mainly because we went so often last year and a few times this year. Fortunately because we're not growing any, it's not a huge investment. It's a fun, healthy hobby, and keeps us active during the winter months.

So happy Saint Patrick's day!

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