Sunday, March 04, 2007

February 2007 Spending Wrap Up

February we spent on discretionary items such as entertainment, food, eating out, gas, etc. This is not our mortgage or fixed utility bills. We spent $818.06 on everything.

For the month we spent $431.36 on groceries with $88.85 being spent only on soda, thus putting us over the $400 budget. But overall I think we did great on groceries. We also ate out for $153.21/month, way below our $400/month budget amount. I guess we were just trying to be conservative. But honestly $550 is a lot for DINKS to be spending on food to be honest. I guess we should be eating more out of the freezer.

We spent $88.81 on gas for the cars, under our $150/month budgeted amount. I guess this was a great experiement, that I'll be continuing the trend this month to see our spending.

I should be really embarrassed because we spend so much on food.


Anonymous said...

I just recently realized my spouse and I were spending $600 a month on food! Insane. I tried to cut it back, but since we went organic, it's been tough to do.
Comforting to know, others are having the same problem. Just keep on cutting back and seeking alternatives, I suppose.

Living Almost Large said...

We'll see how this month goes. Truth is if we ate less meat/seafood and veggies I know we could eat cheaper.

But for example last night we ate lamb shoulder, basmanti rice, broccoli. Tonight is leftover corned beef and cabbage and broccoli

Tomorrow is pork shoulder with black beans, bok choy, rice and chinese broccoli.

Then later in the week it's roast chicken, rice, and broccoli/carrots. Then making leftover chicken into chicken salad.

So everyday it's a meat, fresh veggies, startch. We're pretty healthy eaters.