Friday, March 02, 2007

February 2007 Net Worth Update

Okay our net worth has been declining since December. Not that it was unexpected because we owed a lot of tuition which I had saved up in cash for and we had to paid. How much tuition? $10k worth and it's been paid for in cash. Yes this is on top of the $8500 in loans we took out this year.

Anyway though our networth this month unfortunately. But part of it was due to the 400 point drop in the stock market earlier this week. I can't say that I'm sold off anything, if anything I am hoping to invest more. Right now in our net worth I probably should be tracking the 0% CC we have with best buy which has $1k due in August. I am considering however just paying it off this coming March to free up cash flow.

Also DH is considering taking classes as at a public school this summer.


EasyChange said...

great work! Does that account for the recent stock market dip?

Living Almost Large said...

Yes it does include our 400 point dip. We had contributed $3k last month to retirement accounts, yet we lost enough in our taxable accounts to offset it.