Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Best Money savings deal..

I read a blog today asking about your best money deal. Thinking back there for sure was a deal that we ended up stealing the store with.

We used to go to IKEA and shop the as-is department, put things together, fix it up and sell it. Anyway I was going through the rummage when I saw three wardrobes taped together with boxes half attached priced for $1. I stood there motioned to DH and off we went with 3 $1 wardrobes. We sold two of them immediately for $40. Then we kept one for ourself. Now what we do when we buy and sell these things is we look and make sure all the parts are there. Then we go back to IKEA and ask for any missing screws, parts and explain with our receipt (yeah $1 receipt) and ask for the missing parts. Then we "restore" it.

The greatest thing about our wardrobe is when we moved from SD to NEwe sold it for $40. It was really nice wardrobe too. Guess that was our best deal for a $1.

That day we picked up the wardrobes we bought a desk for BIL for $40, that is regular price $200. He still has it and loves its. So we had more than one win that trip.

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Anonymous said...

Best deal I ever got was buying some pre-packaged red peppers for .03. Yes, three cents. It may have been a typo BUT nonetheless, I bought them.
Second best deal was on a birthday of mine, my boss had given me 2 free tix to the movies. I was going through a rough time and didn't even have $ for popcorn. I went to the bathroom and found a $20 bill on the floor. SCORE! Went out to a dinner after the movie. great birthday.