Saturday, March 24, 2007

mypoints gift cards

We have been doing mypoints for years now just clicking on ads. We do nothing fancy and we earn 5-10 point here and there. Strangely earning the points have been beneficial. We fortunately managed to trade in our points for 3 $25 gift cards to Olive Garden, Maggiano's group, and the California Pizza Kitchen. That's a freebie for doing nothing more than clicking on ads.

I have to say that this was one of the better freebies we've done in awhile. I would suggest people do it because you get emails which you can ignore and then click on for points. If a $25 gift card is 3500 points, and you get 5 pts an email you have to click on 700 emails. If you get 1 email a day, that means every two years you get a gift card. Which I think for clicking is pretty good. The company makes money by trying to get you to buy stuff by seeing emails, going to websites, and wanting to buy. We've never bought anything other than our free gift cards, so it actually works for us. However if you are a online shopping addict this might not be the freebie you are looking for.

Anyway last night we went to Olive Garden and it turns out that the food tasted better because it was free. We only spent $4 cash on a tip, but the meal was $25 for the two of us. Not a bad deal, we split a meal and appetizer and had breadsticks and salad. We still have to use the other two gift cards.

I'll keep you updated on our endevors.

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