Wednesday, March 21, 2007

continuing the saga of eating out with people

Okay so last week DH went out to eat with coworkers for a going away lunch for someone. Of course they split the check for the person leaving. No big deal. However they also split the bill for everyone's meal, and included beers for those who ordered it and did not segregate it out for those who didn't. DH usually doesn't drink during lunch and certainly wasn't expecting to spend $20 for a lunch meal. Especially when his meal was less than $10.

Now I expected him to pay about $15 bucks with tip, tax and chipping in for the guy leaving. But it was very unfair to just split the bill 10 ways. Yes I know I'm cheap. And yes I know that it's to be expected when you go out. But it doesn't mean that I can't blog about it and just complain a little.

I am glad DH went out and the $20 wasn't a huge deal in the budget. Actually it didn't break the budget at all. But it's the principal of the matter that DH and I rarely drink alcoholic beverages out solely because of price. We do enjoy eating out but dining out is rare.

Thus I feel that when going out to a lunch like this it's unfair to expect others to pick up your bar tab. I don't know if I am wrong for feeling this way but I just do.


carisa said...

I agree with you. I think it's tacky for people to order a ton of food and drink and then want to have you pay for it, when you ordered the cheap lunch special and water. One time I was invited to go out with some bosses for dinner. My husband and I shared a plate and each had iced tea. People were ordering oyster appetizers, beers, margaritas, and of course everyone was getting their individual meals. When the bill came, everyone needed to "get going" and so the guy who ordered the oyster appetizer suggested that we split the bill. I thought my poor husband was going to punch him. But we did split the bill and ended up paying $40 for $20 worth of food/tip. So after that I would say something and it made me feel better about eating out with people. And I think people understood, even if initially they thought I was being cheap.

shawna said...

This is why I *hate* having to go out with co-workers for lunch. It's just tacky for them to do that.

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Living",
You are absolutely right. DH should have spoken up and just paid his $15 share. People respect you more when you do.

Living Almost Large said...

But the problem is I have no trouble speaking up with friends. But then I don't go out with people who behave like this.

But this is work. Thus when you go out with coworkers it's a lot more political and more difficult to speak up about money. Because you need to work with these people, you need to get along with them. And you can't have bad feelings. This is why it is so difficult to go out with coworkers versus friends.

Bart Bradshaw said...

That's an ugly situation! Your rant is a good warning and may save me from being trapped in a similar situation. I'll have to figure out how to set parameters beforehand, or have already paid my piece of the check or something.