Friday, March 16, 2007


We went out to eat and paid by CC as usual. The server added an extra dollar to their tip, which I found odd. Why? I've waited tables in college and would never have tried to pull a fast one on a client. I'm stunned that someone would be so dishonest.

I caught it after the statement came, so I didn't feel like complaining. But now I'm a lot more careful and check every restaurant transaction immediately as it posts. That way the stores will keep the receipt handy.

I posted on another website and apparently this is can happen quite a bit. It happens with both Debit and CC. It appears as long as you tip on plastic of any sort this can happen. Also sometimes waitstaff accidentally double charges you as well.

So keep an eye on the receipts and check everything twice.


shawna said...

I had a server add $10 to a tip once!

Got your comment about questions about the MBA. I think it will depend on where you live as far as the pay and what his experience is. I'm in Columbus, Ohio area, have no prior mgmt experience. I was making $15/hr without the MBA but with the MBA I have been interviewing at jobs that pay between 55-70K. Here, 70K seems to be the max for someone with my background. I just finished my degree in December though. Hope that helps!

Living Almost Large said...

Thanks, I think $10 is worth it. But $1 wasn't worth arguing, just won't go there again. It hasn't happened often, just recently.

I was surprised at how many people had a $1 here and there added on either a CC or debit card.

Sort of like when you pay in cash and they server doesn't even ask if you need cash back.