Monday, March 19, 2007

Frugal Superman

I think I married a Frugal Superman. Sounds crazy, but I think I acheived the impossible. DH works super hard full-time, goes to school part-time, while helping around the house. He cooks, cleans, and fixes stuff around the house to save money. He very rarely complains. Instead he enjoys the simpler things in life.

He's so great, everyday he takes a homemade brown bagged lunch. He's 29 years old, makes great money, and still is humble with great integrity. I cannot imagine marrying someone else. I can't believe sacrifices he has made to make our life work. He has never allowed himself to enjoy the 4x times increase in his salary. Instead he lives the same life we had less than 18 months ago!

I just wanted to write about my appreciation for my frugal superman. His work ethic, his integrity, and his monetary values are unmatched. He's making the sacrifice of trying to finish an MBA as quickly as possible so we can have kids sooner. Most people take 1 class, he takes 2 classes a term and is getting A/B+. He graduated college with a 3.8 and it appears the same wil happen now.

I hope to one day, be able to afford his $1600 watch. I know it's a crazy purchase, but I hope that one day our sacrifices now pay off later so I can surprise him with a present he really wants and would treasure forever. He's kept his $80 watch already for 7 years and repaired himself when it broke recently.

I know many people are pulling their spouses to frugality, however in this case, I am often the spendthrift spouse and need to be lead down the frugal path. Thus I appreciate his efforts on making our lives rich and fufilling.

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