Tuesday, October 30, 2007

401k Match Bonus...

Every November the company my DH works for goes over their benefits and improves them. They also have open enrollement. Right now I'm debating eye insurance but that's another day.

For now I'm bursting with supreme happiness. Wowsa! DH got some fantastic news. Turns out the company has decided to do away with the vesting schedule with the 401k match. No more 3 years to vest. Fantastic. That means the 6% they've been contributing is ours immediately!

That's tremendous, it's like a 6% raise to DH's salary, without doing anything. DH complained he won't see the money until retirement, but every penny saved is a penny we don't have to save. Anyway it's nice to see our little nest egg growing fasting and knowing it's all ours. We don't have to subtract out the unvested portion anymore.

Plus, this new company every two weeks they deposit the 401k instead of the old company which took 6-8 weeks to make a deposit. And it every quarter they would make the match however it would the quarter after that the match would occur.

What a nice bonus.

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