Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poll: Separate or Joint Accounts?

The poll for separate or joint accounts is now closed. Strangely the majority of people 65% have joint accounts. With 25% of people having 3 accounts, 1 joint and 2 separate. And only 10% of people having separate accounts.

I thought the number of couples having 3 accounts, would be the highest number. Because it seems like most people scream that couples need their own money and control of the money. Hence I thought having a joint account with my spouse and sharing all money was abnormal. Turns out it's not as weird as it seems.

It seems like most couples prefer to share their fiscal checkbooks.


JW said...

I'm also shocked with the results of your poll. I would have thought the same as you.

When I think about it almost all of the couples I know have separate accounts. Especially the ones that had savings before marriage.

hank said...

Late on this, but I am in the "joint" group. My wife isn't too interested in the financials so it is mostly by default and ease for me that I fall there... :)