Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Deal Eating Out...

I found a coupon for $25 for McCormick's and Schmick's. So yesterday we went to MS and had dinner. I had the monkfish, DH had the bluefish, and we shared the quahog appetizer. I took home half my meal and ate it for lunch.

The Monkfish was $20.95, Bluefish $18.90, and Quahog $8.85 the total bill was $48.70. The tax was $2.44 and the total was $51.14. So the $25 was applied and the final bill was $26.14. But I used a $50 gift card to MS. I bought 2 $50 GC to McCormick's = $100 for $80, basically a 20% discount. Also because I used am AmEx CC I get back 3%. So our bill including tip was $35.14. But we only paid 77% = $27 including tip!

For a seafood meal out for the two of us I was impressed with the deal. Plus they have a diner club where you get $1=1 point spent. So after 500 points you get a GC for $25. Another bonus.

Yes I could cook some of this fish at home, and I do, but I also enjoy eating out. And for a deal like this it cost less than going out to eat TGIF, Applebee's, etc.


Anonymous said...

We have a M&S in our town. I've just not had the courage to try it due to the cost. Plus, I've heard mixed reviews.

We have a couple of high end steak houses that are locally or regionally based. We do go to them from time to time for special events. And we like them better than corporate owned Ruth's Chris.


Living Almost Large said...

Realize I'm a seafood fanatic. Sushi in New England sucks. Terribly overpriced and it bites. I grew up in Hawaii, spent summers in Japan I'm a seafood fanatic. But the seafood in New England like crab, clams, lobster, etc is very, very fresh. Awesome.

I think it's worth trying out. I like it. Not all the fish are great, we've had some dishes which don't work entirely but overall the quality of the fish is great. And the best part is trying local fish.

johnstonteam said...

I really like trying the local places along the coast, like in Southern Maine or Northern NH. Good fresh stuff.

But maybe the I'll try M&S.