Thursday, October 04, 2007

September Spending Wrap Up

Well I decided to sit and tally our spending for the month of September. This month was a lot harder to keep track of expenses, because we've had so many guests and still do. Unfortunately I didn't track our cash spending as well as I usually do, so I had to guesstimate.

But we didn't have as bad a month as I would expect. I estimated an extra $1000 in expenses and I think I was about dead on. We spent $550 on travelling. Which was still pretty good in all.

However for the month of September we spent $230 for gas, $110 overbudget. We fortunately only spent $537.92 on eating out because our parents paid for some of the meals. We also ate at home quite a bit spending $455.52 on groceries for the month.

I had been loading up on wine prior to my parents, in-laws, and friends arrival so I only had to spend $48.95 on wine in September since I had close to 6 bottles on hand. We finished 1-2 bottles a night depending on how many people were drinking.

Considering on average we had 2 extra people everyday this month I think we had a fantastic month budgetwise. We didn't totally blow our budget and I saved a ton by prebuying wine and some food stuff. Plus we were able to eat out some meals at cheap food court places which allowed us to only pay for ourselves instead of everyone.

All in all a nice month. We still have guests, everyone's finally leaving on Monday. I'm beat, this has been a stressful month and it's still carrying over to this month. This is our last really spendy weekend.

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