Sunday, October 14, 2007

How much do you make???

Do you know how much other people make? I don't, I can guess based on their purchases and spending habits. At least I think so. But I could be completely wrong as well.

This came up because my mom was talking about how my Uncle knows exactly how much each of his kids make, and their spouses/SO make as well. She was so surprised. She couldn't believe that after meeting my cousin's girlfriend they knew as a nurse she makes $60k/year.

Which brought up and interesting question, my mom began to hint how much we make. I said enough, which is strange right? But my parents have never been honest about their finances, and until recently I had no idea exactly how well/poorly they were doing.

Then I was thinking, if DH and I can't even share how much we make with our own parents, how are others so open? How do they just spill all their financial details in real life? I'm more open here on my blog than in real life.

Do you know how much your friend's and family make? Do you share details of your financial life freely?


liza said...


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MEG said...

I don't go around talking about how much I make with co-workers or even friends, but I've certainly told my parents! I find it odd that you couldn't/wouldn't tell your own mother what you earn...

When I got my first job offer out of college I proudly announced my new salary--which I'm sure enabled them to heave a great sigh of relief that they wouldn't have to sustain me any longer. :-)

After that my mother divulged that my starting salary out of college was more than she was making as a high school teacher. She had just started teaching, though, and does it for fun; she doesn't need the money. Otherwise she might not have shared that.

Since then, I've told them excitedly each time I've gotten a raise. But then again I'm close to my parents and we're pretty open in my family. I'll certainly be demanding to know what each of my little sisters' starting salaries are when they graduate!

Living Almost Large said...

MEG, my situation is completely different in that my mom HAS NEVER revealed what her and my dad make or what her and my dad save.

Only recently have I gotten hints about things and honestly it's not good. My parents have not saved like they should have considering what I think their income was, or at least what their spending habits have suggested.

So sharing our incomes with our parents is a no go in my book. They need to come clean and tell us if they want us to share as well.

Angie said...

I just found your blog - good job!

Personally, I do know my family's financial situation. We are really open about our finances, but it stems from being really open about everything in our lives. Not so much with my in-laws. There is no trust in that relationship, so it is not a safe place to reveal financial information. They would be likely to use it against us "You make enough money to get us this ridiculously expensive gift..." not understanding that unlike them, we are choosing to get (and stay) out of debt.

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

My family (and Husband's) knows how much I make. I don't mind telling them.. but I also make it VERY clear that I have a LOT of debt to go with that salary.

It also really makes me angry when his family (not mine.. they're close-lipped), starts blabbing to random strangers about how much I make, and then (since they live in a small town), it circulates around and eventually gets back to Husband who hears the mangled "Telephone" fantasy tale of how much I make.. *rolls eyes* I think I was pegged at 6 figures in one of the stories.

I've since freaked out on Husband...