Monday, October 15, 2007

Cell Phones...

We're out of our 2 year contract for cell phones and we're starting again. Our Motorola Razrs have been pretty much dead for the past 6 months. But we've been waiting until our contract was up so we could just get new free phones.

Of course to get the new free phones cost us signing another 2 year contract. I wonder if it's worth it? Would I really cancel my cell phone? When we lived in CA, we only had cell phones and didn't have a landline. As we were living apart during the week, it was cheaper than paying for 2 landlines. Plus I was able to chat for free with my parents, friends, and family.

But the phone my DH wanted was $79, so he talked to customer service and explained the need for retention of customers. After discussing with him our reasons for staying with Cingular they agreed and gave us the same phone for free. Here's the Sony Ericsson 580i we got for free.

I guess as usual it never hurts to ask. But we do have another 2 year contract. Would I live without a phone? Probably not and if I were broke enough to try my mom would buy me a spare line and give me the phone.

She'd die if I tried to go without a landline or cell phone. My mom's paranoid, in college I didn't answer the dorm phone so she sent the cops to check out my room. And then she had a peephole installed because I couldn't tell who was knocking. So I consider it an investment in my mom's nagging.


Anonymous said...

I've always paid for the Nokia cell phone I wanted so I didn't have to have a contract and be locked into any kind of plan. I also asked about unadvertised plans so I could get fewer minutes and pay less per month.


Anonymous said...

I've been bouncing the idea of using a pay as you go plan. I've wondered and haven't checked into it whether the Cingulars, Verizons and so forth allow free calls on their pay as you go plans for nights/weekends and between other customers on their networks.

We've been finding our calls are mostly to people we know on their network (we use Verizon) and night and weekend calls. We frankly don't use a lot of other minutes.


Living Almost Large said...

I've thought about the pay as you go, but it's not cheap with the amount of calls. It might be cheaper now but definitely not before when we lived apart and didn't have landlines.

To get unlimited M2M it costs $1/day everytime you use it. I think it could be worth it. But it could cost a lot as well.

JoePolvino said...

Depending on usage, prepaid can really be a much better option if you start thinking in terms of dollars instead of minutes. When you think of minutes, people start inventing ways to use them, and it becomes habit.

Also consider the purpose, and the overall importance of you using it versus money. If you "just want to chat" then go for a plan with lots of minutes. If you want to use it for the occasional call or when you travel, prepaid is the way to go.

And don't give out your number; every time you answer than unknown number you'll get charged!

Living Almost Large said...

Excellent point about minutes. I don't create needs to use minutes, but seriously I wonder what it would cost me if I had a prepaid?

My family would still call me I figure.

JoePolvino said...

I use t-mobile and for $100 get a bucket of minutes that last a whole year. For my usage, which is casual, this works out to about $8.33 a month, plus the one-time $50 phone. We have 2 such phones in our family. All calls cost minutes, and you can get your balance at no cost right on the phone.

It is like a debit account: you cannot overdraw and face the consequences of going past your allowance. It is probably the best option for those who want to clamp down on expense leakage.

Living Almost Large said...

T-mobile is not an option where I live. I unfortunately had them and liked them, but then we moved into a dead zone and thus did not renew our contract. Where we live there is no t-mobile reception, no sprint either.