Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. I guess my only little financial thing today is how many children are going to show up today? I bought two bags of M&Ms, peanuts and regular to give out. Last year I bought a box from Costco and I had tons extra.

This year I'm hoping enough kids come so that I don't have any extra. Unfortunately I have yet to have one trick or treater. What is going on? I used to be so excited to go trick or treating. I loved getting candy.

If not I guess I should donate the candy or get DH to take it to work. It's not the fact it was $4 for the 2 bags, but I will gain weight if I sit here and eat all the candy. Sigh.

Hope everyone else has better luck.


frugal zeitgeist said...

I had a buttload of candy and friends over for dinner last night so we could all have fun handing out candy. Didn't get one single, solitary trick or treater.

This year, I had physical therapy and got back late. I saw a little vampire in the hall, but that was it.

frugal zeitgeist said...

Bah. "Last night" was supposed to be "last YEAR."

Living Almost Large said...

I got three total treaters!

I'm Grace. said...

I live in a residential, child-friendly neighborhood. I got less than 20 trick or treaters. I think parents are far more cautious these days--and there are more churches, malls, etc. that have events (with candy!) for young children. It's too bad. I still have great memories of canvassing neighborhoods, then coming home to lay out all the candy and make trades with my sister. My dad got all the Hershey bars and Tootsie Rolls--he said that was the price for driving us around.

SavingDiva said...

I also didn't have any trick or treaters this year. I live in an apartment complex, so I didn't expect very many. However, zero was quite a disappointment.