Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wanting to be the Joneses...

Okay after my old college roomie visiting for last weekend and this weekend, made me a bit jealous. Not jealous where I wish for them to have less, but hopes that I can have as much.

So they both are working full time in SF earning obviously very decent salaries. And not being married and not owning a home means they have a ton of disposable income. It became very apparent from going out with them that they are awesome DINKS with tons of earning power. I also realize that they are on vacation so their spending is not typical.

But we sat chatting and talking over dinner and wine and realized that our lifestyles have sooo dramatically changed from college and living together. We no longer consider ramen noodles a meal and we both drive reliable cars (never had one and she had such a junker it broke down all the time). The lifestyle that once looked so beyond our reach we're now enjoying.

But back to wanting to be the Joneses. We spent the day out around the town and BF forgot his sunglasses. So he just went out and bought a pair of Revo Sunglasses for $230. This just set me back a tiny bit. But I realize they work super hard and deserve everything they earn. It just made me wish I had their life.

But then I snapped back to reality and realized it doesn't matter because you have to be happy with what you make period. So my friends are the Joneses, but hey they are very kind and generous by treating us to dinner. So I'd rather keep them as friends then chasing them away.

By the way these are not my only Joneses friends. My best friend is the same. And worse is they are major savers and investors too so they aren't irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

You're not looking at the situation correctly. They both don't own a home? They're throwing their money away. They live in SF and rent? I'd be more impressed if they owned one of those very expensive homes. So, that's strike 1.
Did he pay for those sun glasses with a credit card? That's strike 2. Retail, the Revo RE 3050 sell for $168.99, so he isn't too bright. That's strike 3. Here's the link:
If my DH would have forgotten his sunglasses, we would have bought a cheap pair to get through the week and use his good pair when we got home. These people would not be impressing me. So far they sound stupid.
I don't judge people by how much money they make or spend. It's what they do with the cash that impresses me. Throwing money away is pure stupidity.
LAL, you and your DH are the Joneses (if that's what you want to be) You are building up equity and are responsible. What are they?

Worry about yourself and forget the rest.

Living Almost Large said...

Nope they aren't irresponsible about money. Hence why they don't own in SF. They won't buy unless it's a conventional mortgage that's affordable to them, so they are saving money. I'm glad they didn't leap into buying because everyone else is.

He paid cash for the sunglasses. They aren't CC users, they pay cash. So it's not like that. They are pretty responsible people.

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

It feels awful to be envious eh? My good friend is like that (I posted about her before), and she married into money.

Sometimes I just get this pang of "*sigh* *envy*" when she can go out and blow $50 a day on food/drinks whatever, and buy a $5k purse and not worry about it because it's being covered by her husband.... (and they aren't in debt).

Then she talks about owning a condo sometime but the downpayment wouldn't be from years of saving and scrimping, it'd be from his parents as a gift.


I still love my life and my choices/decisions, but it's hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still wouldn't feel envious. There will always be people richer than you AND poorer than you.
I personally think you are doing just fine. Everything is relative.

I'm Grace. said...

I agree with Boomie--at least I agree with her intellectually.

But emotionally? I HEAR YA! I FEEL your angst! I, too, would like to be the JONES, maybe just for a year or two?

frugal zeitgeist said...

I'm friends with a couple that have more money than God. They are among the kindest, nicest, most generous folks I know. Every once in a while I get a twinge of the I-Wants, but it's hard to be envious and resentful of them because they have such good hearts.

Miss Jo said...

I feel your pain. My own boyfriend is a Jones...I find myself being very jealous of all the flexibility his schedule has now that his business can run without him being in the office all day long. He also has a lot more disposable income and assets than I do and has NO credit card debt.

Don't get me wrong, he worked very, very hard to get here and is now reaping his rewards...and I also benefit from this...he always pays for dinner and entertainment expenses and he keeps telling me "you'll be happy you stuck with me"

I know how you feel though.

Living Almost Large said...

That's it exactly. It's just twangs knowing they are not broke and doing well. It's not a good feeling, but they are very nice and generous and good people.

I think it happens to the best of us...oh well.