Friday, October 26, 2007

Cell Phone Data Plan...

My DH wants to add a data plan to his cell phone for $10/month. I am against this. Now I'm about to sound extremely cheap, but please try where I'm coming from. First, DH works all day and the cell phone is barely used. I don't know how and why he really needs to be texting people and surfing the web from the phone, when he has a laptop at work and at home. I feel it's just because everyone else has it he wants it. He wanted an iphone, which I said if he saved his blow money $10/week he could buy it.

Yes he earns a good income and we don't have debt, but I don't like the idea of increasing our fixed monthly expenses. Already I feel that our monthly expenses are huge. We have cable, internet, and phone. Cable is even premium with HD, DVR and movie channels.

Should I agree to adding on the $10 data plan we should cut the movie channels? Is this unreasonable? It's just $10/month, but I feel if we keep justifying these expenses they add up fast.

I really have become the saver in the relationship where he used to. He's been changing a lot since MBA school where now he wants a new car. When we meet (8 years ago), he called me foolish for wanting a nice car. He said it was to get from point A to B. But now he feels like we're poor compared to other students. I just want to scream about we are not going to finance anything. I already hate we're taking out $8500/year to pay for his private MBA and cash flowing the other $10k/year. Most people in school with him are 100% loans. We're saving maximum for retirement and paying 50%+ of the tuition, books, etc.

I feel that this is a slippery slope to be walking down.


debtfretter said...

Hi Living Almost Large,
Can you convince him to wait a while and see if he still wants it? I always get suckered into these kinds of things and then find I never use them.

Living Almost Large said...

I already have. Now if only it'll last forever.

Chief Family Officer said...

I would react exactly the way you are if I were in the same situation. It sounds to me like there may be a larger issue than just the text package and maybe you and your husband need to have a little chat about priorities . . .?